Converge SE Schedule
Check in for workshops begins at the Carolina Alumni Center at 8:00 am
Lunch is on your own around the downtown Vista (There are plenty of great spots just a block away).
Ethan Marcotte

Responsive Design: From Pages To Pattern Libraries (1/2 Day)

You figured out this whole “responsive design” thing, but now you’re hearing talk of “design systems” and “pattern libraries.” Before you throw your “laptop” out a “window,” come to this mini-workshop! We’ll look at strategies for translating your designs into reusable patterns, and see how different teams put those patterns to work for them. We’ll also talk about different software options for building pattern libraries, and figure out strategies for choosing the best one for you.

Kasey Bonifacio & Nathan Rambeck

Making Design Systems Work

Navigating the challenges of building and maintaining a robust design system.


Design systems offer tremendous promise:

  • Consistency across multiple experiences
  • Improved designer and developer efficiency
  • Rapid ramp-up times for new or transitioning employees

But they also come with their own challenges:

  • Managing team collaboration
  • Getting buy-in from stakeholders
  • Implementation challenges
  • Budget and timeline constraints

We believe the benefits of design systems can outweigh these concerns. With some careful planning, we can help you navigate these tough challenges associated with scaling a useful design system in a fast-moving, growing organization.

In this workshop, Kasey and Nathan will guide you through their experiences helping multiple clients facing these same difficulties.

We’ll discuss:

Evaluating your design system needs (or if you even need one)

Running an interface audit to determine inconsistencies

Various models for team collaboration

How to encourage adoption and buy-in from designers, developers, and other stakeholders

How to start small and iterate

Rollout and delivery strategies

Maintaining and keeping your design system useful

This Session is for you if...

You are an advocate looking to create or promote a design system

You have started a design system that is having trouble getting off the ground

You are someone who has had success with a design system but have certain challenges you can’t overcome

You play a role on a design system team