Methods for the early creative process

Precreate was previously called Workup

The Simple Focus team will share methods for the early creative process, which they practice with businesses like FedEx, Grooveshark, and Boat Trader.

Have you ever worked your ass off on a beautiful set of three designs? Did the client pick the worst one? And then they asked you to make it worser?

You've probably spent way too much time perfecting comps and iterating on 'finished designs' and not enough time actually designing new things or building stuff.

In this workshop we'll explain how to avoid this by giving you the tools and confidence to lead your clients through the early creative process that focuses on process, not deliverables. Earn clients' trust early and gain the freedom to design beautiful things throughout a project without ever needing sign-off.

Topics we'll cover:

  • Sell the process, not the deliverables
  • Four-by-fours
  • Design spectrums
  • Content strategy
  • Whiteboard architecture

Your clients will come to appreciate your professionalism and humility as a creative thinker and your judgment as a designer. And if you accept that you don't know everything about their business and brand, you'll be arming yourself with the tools to make better things.

Simple Focus

The Simple Focus team, JD, Patrick and Casey, will share the Simple Focus Team Workshop method they practice with businesses like FedEx, Grooveshark, and Boat Trader. It involves rapid idea generation through a pencil sketch process called a Four-by-Four workshop that combines solo idea generation with team collaboration and brainstorming based around the idea that arbitrary constraints yield great results in creative environments where thinking outside the box can sometimes lead to creative road blocks. Intense creative rigor inside these constraints, combined with team and individual thinking creates lots of original options to for your projects, but also functions to help get rid of the bad ideas and keep emotional and time investments in ideas to a minimum. In this workshop, Simple Focus will lead small groups in coming up with design solutions to real problems.

Thursday, May 1


Thursday's event takes place at IT-oLogy (Map) and are full or half day workshops.

Hands-on Creative Process Workshop

First Half

Lunch - Lunch will be provided for all workshop attendees.

Hands-on Creative Process Workshop

Second Half




Suite 200, 1301 Gervais St., Columbia SC 29201