Left and Right Arrow Keys:

While walking, swimming or climbing, move left and right.

Up and Down Arrow Keys:

While climbing, climb up and down.

X Key:

Jump. Hold for higher jump. If swimming, X makes Bigfoot swim toward the surface.

C Key:

Action Button. Performs multiple actions.

  • Mount Gem: If you have a gem and are near a pedestal of the same color, touch the pedestal and press C to mount the gem and destroy a barrier wall.
  • Climbing: if Bigfoot is touching a ladder, press C to grab onto the ladder.



Our game's hero. Very friendly, agile, and gentle as a kitten. Can't fight a lick, but always willing to help a stranger.


You'll be collecting quite a few of these guys. Just run up to them and touch them.


A sad soul who Bigfoot meets along the way. Help him if you can.



Small demons that wander the woods and caves of the forest. Not very strong, but numerous. Watch where you are jumping. They like to hide in small spaces.


A very large demon that inflict a lot of damage. Not as common as Dinks, but way more ferocious.



Bigfoot can climb ladders. They look like lattice hung from the ceiling. Jump into the ladder and press C to grab the ladder.


Dive in. Bigfoot can hold his breath a long time... Forever. So, fear not.


These magical crystals can be mounted in pedestals. They create a resonant sound that destroys nearby walls.


Place a Gem of the same color in a Pedestal and watch out! To mount the Gem, touch the pedestal and press C. Explosions to follow.

Barrier Walls:

These strange walls react to life force. If enough energy is sent their way... they explode most beautifully.


It's a dangerous world out there. Bigfoot has limited health and one life. If Bigfoot dies, the game starts over, so beware!. However, it the interest of sanity, his health is replenished after every level.


Demons can hurt Bigfoot, but he can't hurt them. He's a lover, not a fighter. Find ways around your enemies, Bigfoot is a vegetarian and a pacifist. He ain't up for a brawl.


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