• Leslie Jensen-Inman

    Leslie Jensen-Inman

    Leslie Jensen-Inman, assistant professor at The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, acts on her passion to improve web education through initiatives such as Teach the Web, the Open Web Education Alliance, the WE Rock Summit and Tour, and InterACT. Leslie is co-author and creative director of the book InterACT with Web Standards: A holistic approach to Web design.

    Make Awesomeness. Do Good. This is Leslie's mantra. She believes awesomeness can and should be integrated into every aspect of the creative process. Leslie works with young designers and established professionals to create opportunities to design and produce innovative products that support the efforts of creatives.

    • Welcome Keynote
    • Keynote with Carl Smith

      Make Awesomeness!

  • >Faruk Ateş

    Faruk Ates


    Faruk Ates does creative things on the Web, like Modernizr: an Open Source library that helps you take advantage of cutting-edge features in HTML5 and CSS3 today. Prior to going independent and working to make building great websites easier and faster, Faruk was the Product Designer at Apture, now acquired by Google, and did a three year stint as a UI Engineer at Apple, where he helped bring modern web development techniques to the Online Store and MobileMe.

    • Modernizr

      Faruk will share with us why he created Modernizr and its vision for the future.

  • Jonathan Snook

    Jonathan Snook


    Jonathan Snook writes about tips, tricks, and bookmarks on his blog at Snook.ca. He has also written for A List Apart, 24ways, and .net magazine, and has co-authored two books, The Art and Science of CSS and Accelerated DOM Scripting. He has also recently written the e-book, SMACSS, sharing his experience and best practices on CSS architecture. When not writing books and speaking at conferences, Snook works on the design team at Shopify.

    • Getting Your CSS Under Control

      It seems so easy but soon enough, you're throwing !important at every problem. In this session, we'll review the typical pain points in site development and explore a modular approach that can make projects easier to develop and manage.

  • Samantha Warren

    Samantha Warren

    Phase2 Technology | badassideas.com

    Samantha Warren works with clients to translate their brands into beautiful user interfaces. Based out of San Francisco as the Design Director at Phase2 Technology, Warren has developed the formula for an inclusive and iterative design process that works. She believes that designers should openly share our methods with each other and speaks regularly about typography and her process at conferences around the globe. She enjoys working on projects where she can improve how people access information; online publishing, non-profits, and open government all hold a very special place in her heart.

    When Samantha is not designing she enjoys spending time with her family, hunting for mid-century modern furniture finds, exploring the West Coast, and instagraming photos of her adorable cross-eyed cat.

    • Faster Design Decisions with Style Tiles

      Explore using Style Tiles as a Web Design Process Tool - More detail about this approach here.

  • Jeff Croft

    Jeff Croft

    nGen Works | jeffcroft.com

    Jeff Croft is a designer and developer working out of his Seattle home. Currently with web agency nGen Works, he is also a blogger, speaker, critic, and industry thought leader. Also co-founder of the popular eBook sharing community Lendle.me, Jeff has previously worked with experience design consultancy Blue Flavor, as well as World Online, an outfit responsible for several award-winning journalism sites and the birthplace of Django, a popular web application framework. He has been working on the web full-time since 1995. While Jeff does plenty of programming, his true passion lies in design, user experience, communication, and social media.

    Jeff has co-authored two books, Pro CSS Techniques, published by Apress, and Web Standards Creativity, published by Friends of ED.

    • The Intersection of Design & Development

      The case for the hybrid designer/developer.

  • Kyle Steed

    Kyle Steed


    Kyle Steed is a web designer/illustrator who's work can be seen all over the internet. Through his website you can more directly learn about him and his work. You can also check out his typeface Funktion and icons Steedicons.

    • Keep It Simple Stupid

      Kyle will take us through how he creates and lives his life as a creative inventor.

  • Robyn Tippins

    Robyn Tippins


    Robyn Tippins has been managing online communities since 1996. Her book, Community 101, is a primer on online community management. Over the years she has worked with large and small companies, including Yahoo, Intel, MTV, AT&T, Behr Paints, Fleishman Hillard and Current TV. While she still consults on grassroots marketing, the bulk of her time is spent managing the community for popular tech blog, ReadWriteWeb and teaching the Community Certification program at Get Satisfaction.

    • Creating Excellent Customer Service

  • Carl Smith

    Carl Smith

    nGen Works

    Carl Smith is the Chief Keeper Upper of nGen Works and irreverent ditcher of the nine-to-five.

    Owner and founder of nGen Works, Carl Smith runs an unconventional distributed team that works with businesses to redefine their identities and ideals. Carl has made a name for himself in client services by creating a new framework for how we get things done, and by enabling us to realign our creative communities. When he’s not conducting riveting business experiments with his nGeneers or consulting for global trendsetters, he’s busy sculpting a new face for the world of work.

    • Business/Marketing
      Ambient Accountability: The Jellyfish Work Model

      “A jellyfish is simple. It's a transparent system designed to thrive in compromised environments. So is this work model.”

      A look at how shifting to small teams that are temporally connected via their tasks and online tools results in better work and a better world.

    • Keynote with Leslie Jensen-Inman

      Make Awesomeness!

  • Steve Smith

    Steve Smith


    Steve Smith architects user interfaces and web designs. But it’s about more than just design, as he brings a passion for simplicity and usability.

    Steve spends his days making amazing things at Github. And as an author, public speaker, and former University of Notre Dame professor, he is passionate about sharing his knowledge with others. You can also follow him on Twitter at @orderedlist.

    • Design Everything

      You should be designing everything. It's time we applied our design workflow to our own design workflow. Learn how GitHub has designed their process to work as efficiently and simply as possible, all while building GitHub itself. From cultivating ideas to monitoring success, you should design every part of your business.

  • Christopher Schmitt

    Christopher Schmitt

    Heat Vision

    The founder of Heat Vision, a small new media publishing, design, and event company, Christopher is an award-winning Web designer who has been working with the Web since 1993. As a sought-after speaker and trainer, Christopher regularly demonstrates the use and benefits of practical standards-based designs. He also chairs the online and traditional conferences for Environments for Humans including the CSS Summit and AIGA In Control Conference.

    He was Co-Lead of the Adobe Task Force for the Web Standards Project (WaSP) as well as Co-Lead of its Education Task Force.

    Author of numerous Web design and digital imaging books, including HTML5 Cookbook, Adapting to Web Standards: CSS and Ajax for Big Sites, and CSS Cookbook, Christopher has also written for MSDN, A List Apart, .net Magazine, and Web Reference. Follow him at @teleject

    • Front End
      CSS3: Adpative Images in Responsive Web Design

      The open web doesn’t stop at our desktop. Smart phones and tablets not only contain more computing power and better browsers than the computers that started the Internet economy, they have better displays. In this session, we work through tips and tricks to develop future friendly images in our sites and apps.

  • Jennifer Downs

    Jenn Downs


    Jenn Downs is a Design Researcher for MailChimp. She is passionate about consistency and simple workflows and loves meeting with users to observe interfaces in the wild.

    • Design
      Usability Testing Approaches

      How to do usability testing. In person, remote and some other scrappy approaches for your design work.

    • Mobile Usability Testing

      The current state of remote mobile usability testing and how to do it.

  • J Cornelius

    J Cornelius


    J has been making websites and software for the web since 1998, and has been credited with creating several software features web designers and developers take for granted today. He's currently the VP of Operations at CoffeeCup Software and President of the Atlanta Web Design Group.

    • Front End
      HTML5 Workshop

      HTML5 isn't just about markup; there's a lot more to care about. This talk will cover "why" you should be using HTML5 today, clear up some of the confusion around what it is (and isn't), introduce you to some cool stuff you can use to impress your friends (and the marketing dept.), and how you can help make the web a just little bit better for us all.

    • Outsmarting Yourself - Failure, Consciousness, and the Magnetic Middle

      Overcoming your lizard brain, years of conditioning, and social pressure to find your creative groove.

  • Nicole Cendrowski

    Nicole Cendrowski


    Nicole Cendrowski is Vice President of Sales at Sandler Training. In her role, Cendrowski is responsible for business development, client coaching, and sales training facilitation. She is a highly trusted and respected professional in her field, known for her discernment and listening skills, positive energy, fearless attitude, and a keen ability to quickly get in tune to prospects' needs. Prior to joining Sandler, Cendrowski was the founder and creative director of Big Gnome, a communications and brand development firm in Greenville. She also was a member of Sandler Training's President's Club, which consists of business owners, managers, and sales professionals that meet weekly for training, reinforcement and coaching.

    • Business/Marketing
      Could Asking Questions be the Answer?

      We know that we should ask good, compelling questions during meetings with potential clients. But, which questions actually matter? If you’ve found yourself justifying, defending and explaining why you or your firm should be hired, you’re following your prospect’s buying process instead of your own. In this workshop, you will learn how to qualify the potential client harder than they’re qualifying you, and how to ask the questions that matter most. If you’re comfortable in your own skin and operate without a high need for approval, this workshop could be your answer.

  • Jonathan LeBlanc

    Jonathan LeBlanc


    Jonathan LeBlanc is a principal technology evangelist, Emmy award winning software engineer, and author of the O'Reilly book "Programming Social Applications". Specializing in open source initiatives around the implementation of social engagement services, Jonathan works with and promotes emerging technologies to aid in the adoption and utilization of new social development techniques, such as his work on the OpenSocial foundation board. As a software engineer, Jonathan works extensively with social interaction development on the web, engaging in new methods for targeting the social footprint of users to drive the ideal of an open web.

    • Development
      Identity is more than just a login: Exploring the depths of identity and personalization.

      This workshop will dive into the depths of how a person can be identified online, allowing for the delivery of highly personalized experiences. This will cover a few topics, including:

      Building the identity foundation using authentication systems like BrowserID, PayPal Access and Facebook Connect.

      Understanding how cultural identity concepts like tribalism play into how people group themselves innately online.

      Building personality and interest profiles for users by tracking actions using keyword density scraping and categorization.

  • Wren Lanier

    Wren Lanier


    Wren is a web designer and internet geek with a passion for creating smart, kick-ass sites that get the job done. She’s been building internet-things for fun and profit since 1999, with a passion for web standards and elegant user experience. Her favorite things include bagels, trouble-making, and pages that validate on the first try.

    • Mobile
      Immersive Mobile Experiences

      This workshop will go beyond grids, icons, and interface guidelines and explore ways you can create more powerful and engaging user experiences for mobile apps. Wren will discuss designing with gestures, prototyping, and strategies for selling your designs to clients and stakeholders.

    • Beyond the Click: A Quick Start to Designing with Gestures

      For web designers moving into mobile/tablet app design, it's easy to forget the wide range of gestures beyond "touch" that can be incorporated into a user interface. We'll discuss ways to get you - and your users - up the learning curve of multi-touch gestures.

  • Jason VanLue

    Jason VanLue

    Envy Labs | Code School

    Jason is a designer, husband, and father. He leads the design team at Envy Labs, a leading web development shop creating things like Code School. He created Brewwd, a project combining minimal design with great beer, is a craft beer snob, a scotch enthusiast, and a borderline crazy UNC Tarheel fan. Jason lives in Orlando, FL with his wife and two children.

    • Mobile
      Mobile Design Process

      Designing for mobile environments is essential in today's world, and as such should be a high priority in your workflow. Mobile design can't be an afterthought, it requires careful planning and an intentional approach. In this workshop Jason VanLue will walk through an effective mobile design process from start to finish, where you'll learn practical tips and design examples that you can apply to your next mobile project.

  • Jonathan Longnecker

    Jonathan Longnecker

    fortysevenmedia.com | kickawesome.tv

    Jonathan Longnecker is the co-founder of FortySeven Media - a kick awesome design firm specializing in web, print and media creation. He is also 1/2 of the The Kick Awesome Showa video podcast dedicated to design, the web and general nerdery. It’s great!

    Jonathan loves simple designs that communicate quickly, and is fanatical about the details that sets their work apart. Find him on twitter (@necker47), and on the web at fortysevenmedia.com.

    • Business/Marketing
      Get Kicktastic

      If you are doing amazing work and still not getting the kind of jobs you want, we'll be covering what we did to clear that hurdle and start getting the kind of opportunities we wanted. Come along for a mad dash through branding, marketing, getting talked about, and making more money. You'll leave with things to do and not just things to think about and forget when you get home.

  • Nate Croft

    Nate Croft

    fortysevenmedia.com | kickawesome.tv

    Since he first raised a wooden spoon to beat on pots and pans, Nate Croft has loved making music. That has nothing to do with design, but Nate couldn't think of any other way to start this tiny biography. He lives in the wonderfully strange land of Knoxville, Tennessee where he designs and creates digital media of various flavors. He is full of ideas and is known to blurt them out out of nowhere, confusing those nearby. He is married to Dena, the woman he has always hoped he could have. Nate readily admits that he is a geek.

    • Business/Marketing
      Get Kicktastic

      If you are doing amazing work and still not getting the kind of jobs you want, we'll be covering what we did to clear that hurdle and start getting the kind of opportunities we wanted. Come along for a mad dash through branding, marketing, getting talked about, and making more money. You'll leave with things to do and not just things to think about and forget when you get home.

  • Assaf Weinberg

    Assaf Weinberg


    Assaf is an entrepreneur by nature. His super powers include development, usability, marketing, and a mutant gene that makes him think he can do anything, despite notable evidence to the contrary. Assaf is CTO at Ruck.us where he helps empower people to create social and political movements around the issues they care about most.

    • Business/Marketing
      Startups for Starters

      You have a business idea for the next killer app. You're smart, you're passionate, you have money... but you're not a developer. How do you go from idea to business without losing your shirt. In this interactive workshop, we'll talk about what every entrepreneur needs to know about navigating the world of developers and the development process.

  • Chandler Van De Water

    Chandler Van De Water


    Chandler Van De Water is a designer out of Greenville, SC. He loves Jesus, great typography, and well-crafted beer. When he's not designing type-heavy art, he's designing hop-heavy home brews. He is nothing without his beard or his wife.

    • Design

      Exploring typography and its design from print to the web.

  • Tom Wilson

    Tom Wilson

    Jack Russell Software

    President of Jack Russell Software, and Chief Technologist, 15 years of software development experience.

    At Jack Russell Software, we create software that makes a difference! We focus on Healthcare applications that provide a enjoyable user experience. We are passionate about providing solutions that allow clinicians to focus on providing care.

    • Development

      Tom will take you through an introduction on how to create simple node.js backend systems.

  • Giovanni DiFeterici

    Giovanni DiFeterici


    Giovanni has a BFA in fine art and a BA in Graphic Design. After earning his BFA, he taught in public schools for a couple of years but found that he really wanted to work on projects with other creative people in the web design industry and hasn’t looked back. Giovanni is also an editor for unmatchedstyle.com

    • Design
      Conceptual Design: An Approach

      Giovanni will discuss how you can approach conceptual or idea driven design projects and produce work that will be legendary.

  • Greg Lunn

    Greg Lunn


    Greg Lunn is a designer/developer who enjoys creating great interactive experiences no matter the technology or the size of the screen. He has created television animations, websites, and interactive applications, and shares his knowledge through hands-on classes and as the manager of the Columbia Adobe User Group. Greg is currently a lead developer at Cyberwoven.

    • Mobile
      Building Mobile Apps With The Tools You Already Have

      Greg will show you how he goes about building apps for mobile devices using HTML, CSS and JavaScript, covering mobile websites, web apps, and using tools like PhoneGap to create true native apps.

  • Bermon Painter

    Bermon Painter

    He is involved in the local tech community organizing Charlotte User Experience Designers, Charlotte Front-End Developers, and Charlotte Grok. He's also working with @teamsassdesign on the redesign of Sass website.

    Bermon also loves working with Ruby based technologies like Rails, Nanoc, Sass & Compass. Outside of technology some of his favorite things include speaking spanish, music, his family, visiting the beaches of Ecuador, and eating cupcakes. You can follow him in Twitter at @bermonpainter.

    • Design
      Death to wireframes, long live rapid prototyping

      Wireframes can die in a fire. They do nothing more than show how a design will be composed but lack important information on how it will behave.

      Prototyping on the other hand is an invaluable tool in the design toolbox that allows us to explore design ideas, validate them with stakeholders and users, and communicate the results to others while saving valuable time and reducing misinterpretation. We'll explore a handful of prototyping tools, talk about some handy tips and tricks, and even talk about my favorite prototyping tool, the always fabulous HTML/CSS/JavaScript combo, with their friend, the web browser.

  • Jason Dew

    Jason Dew

    Catamorphic Labs

    Jason has been fascinated by computers and mathematics since he was eight years old. He's been building websites since AOL was popular and generally works on the back end of web applications using Ruby on Rails. Also bitten by the academia bug, he holds a Master's degree in Statistics and Computer Science and is leisurely working towards his Ph.D in Computer Science. He is the owner of Catamorphic Labs, LLC where he helps clients realize their dreams for greatness on the web.

    • Development
      Computer Science Foundations

      We understand so little about how the computing devices we use on a daily basis work. In this workshop, we will explore the fundamentals of computers from the ground up. Looking at how information is represented and how it is processed. From binary numbers to Turing machines, we'll take a whirlwind tour of the foundations of computer science.

  • Jed Schneider

    Jed Schneider

    Jed Schneider is a senior software developer for the Medical University of South Carolina where he helps create great applications to support medical research. He holds a bachelors degree from Montana State University, and a Masters degree from Kansas University. Jed spent seventeen years as a professional cyclist, adopting software development as a second career. He now focuses his interest in dynamic languages, test driven development, and bettering the software development experience. He has spent most of the last year working full time with CoffeeScript and is excited to share a thing or two about the language that will entice you to make the switch to writing better, more maintainable, and expressive JavaScript.

    • Development

      If you build modern web applications, more often than not, this means writing more and more JavaScript every year. You may be using it server side, client side, or for tying to mobile SDK API's, but one thing is for certain: writing good JavaScript is hard. CoffeeScript is a language that compiles to JavaScript, built to take advantage of all of JavaScripts good parts, and trying to mitigate the bad. This session is a hands on coding exploration into the features of CoffeeScript focusing on some of the best reasons to adopt a language like CoffeeScript for your JavaScript needs.

  • Mark Gunnels

    Mark Gunnels

    Mark has been a software developer for over 12 years, working in diverse industries and technologies. He holds an undergraduate degree from Emory University but can't remember in what because he spent all his time in the computer lab and gym. He almost holds an Masters of Business Administration and almost a Masters of Decision Sciences but suffers from extreme attention deficit when it comes to any curriculum that contains Marketing.

    • Development
      Polyglot Rejected

      The advantages of a single programming language for web development.

  • Robert Pearce

    Robert Pearce

    Jack Russell Software

    Robert, a native of Charleston, is an English major turned Ruby on Rails developer who was fortunate enough to learn the tools of the trade from the patient and brilliant developers at Jack Russell Software, LLC. He has since been driven to repay that debt by inspiring, teaching, and providing learning resources for anyone interested in bettering themselves in the development field and beyond. His most recent appearance was at Charleston’s 2011 BarCamp, where he gave a talk on how to go from knowing nothing to being a full-time Rails developer in 6 months.

    Robert’s Usual Stack: Ruby/Ruby on Rails, JavaScript/CoffeeScript & jQuery, HTML/HAML, CSS/SASS, MySQL, MongoDB, Git, Heroku, Test Driven Development.

    • Development

      This workshop will take you through utilizing CSS Frameworks (960, BootStrap, etc...) in your workflow and dig into some advanced CSS things like nested rules, variables, mixins, selector inheritance.

  • Hunter Loftis

    Hunter Loftis


    Hunter Loftis is in charge of research and development at Skookum Digital Works and is the lead developer and on node.js protyping tool ClickDummy. He is a contributor to several node.js and JavaScript open-source libraries as well as frequent host of SDW TechTalks and an organizer of CharlotteJS (www.charlottejs.org).

    • Mobile
      Beyond Native: Mobile Development with HTML5

      Skookum Digital Work's Director of Engineering, Hunter Loftis, will discuss HTML5, Hybrid, and Native mobile application development options. Yes, you, John Q Web Developer, might just be the best equipped person in the room to create lasting mobile application experiences.

  • Dustan Kasten

    Dustan Kasten


    Dustan is a front-end developer with Skookum Digital Works and can be spotted about the SDW TechTalks, CltJS and CltUX meetups. The humblest of souls, Dustan gently massages those front-end acronyms to and fro to meet the needs of their benefactors. Having recently fallen in love with HTML and CSS pre-processors like Jade and Stylus, he can still be caught giving that new babe Coffeescript the knowing eye.

    • Front End
      Breaking Free from jQuery

      Skookum Digital Work's Dustan Kasten will help us explore Ender.js and the micro-framework movement that might allow alternative jQuery options. We'll also go into detail about the pros and cons of jQuery and how to leverage its strengths while mitigating its weaknesses.